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Live in a Vacation Destination With a House and Lot for Sale in Bakakeng North, Benguet

Consider Bakakeng North as your new home if you dream of living in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The neighborhood features cozy and elegant residences to fit a wide range of home preferences.

Baguio City, the Philippines’ undisputed summer capital, is not just a tourist magnet. Over the years, many considered getting a second home in the city for streamlined vacations and retirement preparation. In barangay Bakakeng North, there’s a wide variety of residential options, from the cozy one-bedroom houses to the luxurious five-bedroom residences. 

Being in the province of Benguet, Bakakeng North not only offers instant access to the Summer Capital. The barangay is also accessible from lesser-known destinations in the region like the strawberry plantations of La Trinidad, the sulfur springs of Bokod, and the Japanese Sakura trees of Atok. Indeed, with a house and lot for sale in Bakakeng North, Benguet, you’ll have plenty of areas to explore and opportunities to unwind. 

The Charming Location of Bakakeng North, Benguet

Aside from being near Baguio City’s top attractions, a home in Bakakeng North is accessible from other must-visit destinations in Benguet province. These include outdoor leisure hubs, scenic plantations, and natural springs.

Since Bakakeng North is part of the famous Baguio City, you can enjoy an easy time going to the summer capital’s best spots. These include the following: 

  • Burnham Park
  • Heritage Hill and Nature Park Garden 
  • Wright Park 
  • Mines View Observation Deck 
  • Baguio Bamboo Sanctuary 
  • Tam-Awan Village 
  • Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral 
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto 
  • Good Sheperd Convent 
  • Baguio Country Club 

Within the neighborhood of Bakakeng North, there are also several landmarks worth visiting. These include Ozark Diner + Bed & Breakfast, Bakakeng Trail, Sierra Igorota Outdoor Leisure Hub, and Bakakeng North Campground. 

The Cost of a House and Lot for Sale in Bakakeng North, Benguet

Houses and lots in Bakakeng North are available at different price points. Units with one to two bedrooms cost P2.5 million to P10 million, and they usually have a bungalow or townhouse design. Meanwhile, houses and lots with three or more bedrooms cost upwards of P5 million. 

Some of the most high-priced residential properties have interiors and exteriors that scream elegance. These match the units’ upscale features like spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets, a stylish kitchen, an outdoor dining area, and a veranda.

Living a Rewarding Life in Bakakeng North, Benguet

With a house and lot in Bakakeng North, you’ll enjoy the unhurried kind of lifestyle. You can have extended vacations in an environment with fresh air, mountain views, and vast open spaces.

The highland climate of Bakakeng North makes it a desirable location for your own cool refuge. Besides being close to top tourist destinations, you can enjoy better air quality, greener surroundings, and a slower pace of life. Each waking day will also greet you with alluring mountain views and the refreshing pine scent. A house and lot for sale in Bakakeng North, Benguet indeed projects the lighter side of life. It’s where you can experience the priceless benefit of wellness and peace of mind.

Generating Income in Bakakeng North, Benguet

Best of all, there’s a financial reward to owning a home in Bakakeng North. When not in use, you can rent out the entire property (or a part of it) to local and foreign tourists of Baguio City.

Another upside of buying a property in Bakakeng North is that you can have an extra source of income. Instead of letting the home sit empty when you’re not on vacation, you can rent it out to the tourists in the area. Make solid profits from Baguio’s growing number of tourists by dressing up your home for a pleasant residential experience. 

Suppose you choose to live in Bakakeng North permanently. You can still earn passive income by renting out just a portion of your home. Otherwise, just watch the value of your property rise. It’s likely to do so, thanks to Bakakeng North’s prime location and surrounding developments. 


How much is a two-bedroom house for sale in Bakakeng North, Benguet? 

Two-bedroom houses for sale in Bakakeng North cost P4 million to P10 million.

Is there a house and lot for sale in Bakakeng North, Benguet, with a balcony? 

Yes. Houses for sale in Bakakeng North with a balcony have a starting price of P5.2 million. 

What’s the price of a house and lot for sale in Bakakeng North, Benguet, with a car garage?

Residential units in Bakakeng North with a car garage cost P4.7 million and up. Units with a four to five-car garage may cost over P20 million.