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Within a Short Distance of Metro Manila

Vacant Farm Lot for Sale in Batangas

One of the most popular tourist destinations among those within reasonable distance of Metro Manila, Batangas also has the distinction of being one of the most ideal places to invest in a farm lot.

The province’s reasonable distance to the National Capital Region makes for easy transport to and from the area of produce as well as needed raw materials, which is further aided by the capital city of Batangas having the second largest international seaport in the country.

Popular landmarks like the Taal Volcano and the Taal Heritage Town, along with beaches and diving spots like Anilao in Mabini, and Calatagan and Laiya in San Juan expectedly help Batangas’ retain a significant volume of tourism, as well as maintain its residential appeal.

Invest in a Farm for Sale in Batangas

Investors interested in agriculture or aquaculture can do no wrong in choosing to invest in a farm for sale. Batangas especially, has some of the most variety of farm real estate to choose from. A number of these are made to accommodate the growing of pineapples, a common crop in the province not only for the fruit, but also for the production of jusi, the cloth commonly utilized in the Barong Tagalog. Future farm owners in Batangas also stand to benefit from the sugar industry, where the production of this basic commodity can become a significant source of income.

For those more inclined towards aquaculture, the large land sizes available in the province are enough to accommodate the culturing of a variety of fish. Those situated near Taal Lake can make a living off the different fish that grow there.

Investors in the trading industry would also benefit from owning property in Batangas, particularly in Batangas City. The province’s capital is recognized as an industrial growth center in the region, and its seaport serves as a primary entry point for goods from the southern part of the country, as well as from international sources.

Fertile Land Ready for Anything

Find Your Ideal Agricultural Lot

Being mostly an agricultural town with accessible ports and roads, as well as areas close to the shore, it is suffice to say that Batangas is an ideal destination for most property investors. Whether you are looking to invest in the agricultural industry, you are planning on turning it as a place of residence or as a vacation home, or maybe by even making a living off it, a Batangas farm lot for sale can be easily available in a range of prices

For as little as a PHP 200,000 investment, a prospective owner can have an agricultural lot that is a little bit over two hectares in the heart of the Poblacion neighborhood in Lemery. Those looking to pour their life into living, working, and developing a farm in the province can also invest big, where one can go for as much as a 30-hectare farm/residential/commercial lot in Talisay for as high as PHP 600 million. Farm lots that directly overlook Taal Lake can also be found.

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