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Land for Sale in Banaba South

Batangas City is classified as a regional growth center in the CALABARZON region. This city was recognized as the Most Honest and Transparent City, so you can be sure that any dealings in this city would be a positive one. Batangas is one of the most competitive cities in the country today and the home of approximately 324,116 peace-loving, hospitable and hardworking inhabitants based on the 2015 census. This capital city is one of the nation’s top revenue earning cities and the site of one of the biggest refineries in the Philippines.

The City of Batangas is a coastal city lying at the south-eastern portion of the Batangas Province. It has a total land area of more or less 28,541.44 hectares and it is about 112 kilometers southwest of Manila. Travel time is approximately two to three hours through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR Tollway).

Batangas is known for many things: centuries-old churches, irresistible delicacies, a volcano within a lake, a strong accent, and the balisong (butterfly knife). More than anything else, the one thing that first comes to mind when Batangas is mentioned are its beaches. One of the most well-known beaches in Batangas is Laiya beach. Its long and wide stretch of fine sand attracts thousands and thousands of tourists especially during summer. Another is the Nasugbu beach and its multiple resorts, many of which have their own cove, such as Hamilo Coast and Punta Fuego, just to name a few.

Lot for Sale: Batangas City is a Green City

There are numerous lots for sale in Batangas City, which range from subdivision lots and vacant residential land to farm lots and even memorial lots. These lots can range in price from PhP 291,000 to PhP 75,000,000 depending on size, type, and location. One of the available lots is a 1,505-square meter property located in Cuta, Batangas available in the market for PhP 12,100,000. Another massive lot for sale in Batangas City is a 2,200-square meter lot in Tingga Taas that is perfect for both residential and commercial purposes.

449 Square Meter Lot in Batangas City

If you want to own a massive lot that is on an island, lots in Verde Island, San Agapito, Isla Verde in Batangas City is the one for you. The total area available for sale is 100 hectares and you can purchase at least five hectares of land on the island. Choice cuts are sold for PhP 1,500 per square meter, mixed cuts are PhP 1,000 per square meter, and non-choice cuts are PhP 800 per square meter. All these prices are still negotiable.

How to Get to Batangas City

Batangas City is made more accessible nowadays by Southern Luzon’s ever improving transportation infrastructure. The city is home to the Port of Batangas, which is perhaps Luzon’s second most important seaport next to the Port of Manila. It serves numerous oceangoing vessels that travel as far as Davao City and General Santos City in Mindanao. The aforementioned SLEX and STAR Tollway also connect Batangas City and the rest of Batangas Province to Metro Manila, while the newly Eco-Tourism Road that runs from San Juan to Lucena City makes travel to the Bicol Region faster and convenient.