25 Transient Rentals in Baguio for Every Type of Traveler


Baguio City has seen a lot of developments over the past decade. The urbanization of this quaint city is evident in the expansion of commercial centers and the hypergrowth of real estate projects. Amid all these, Baguio City has maintained its charm, attracting thousands of tourists every year.

But beyond the title “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, the locale has so much more to offer. Its ability to innovate and offer something new makes it a favorite destination among university students, professionals and corporate teams, artists, and adventure seekers.

To cater to the new normal, the growing number of tourists, and the constantly evolving taste of the tourists, various property investors have continually developed transient houses in Baguio City. These transient houses serve as temporary accommodations for those seeking a home away from home for a few days.

If you are searching for a transient house in Baguio City or looking to rent a Baguio transient house, here is a list of unique options to consider:

  1. Balai Catriona Attic Room

baguio transient house

This transient house in Baguio serves as bed and breakfast for travelers who wish to have a rustic experience while enjoying Baguio's scenic view. With a majestic overlooking view of the Cordillera Mountain Range, it can surely bring you close to nature and provide you with a serene ambiance throughout your stay. It's situated at Bakakeng North, only a few minutes’ drive away from some of Baguio's famous attractions.

  1. Studio Unit at Green Valley Village

baguio transient house

Stay at this well-designed condo unit to take advantage of all that Baguio has to offer. The property is conveniently located near the city's must-see attractions. Make use of the top-notch facilities and services within the vertical community. Indulge in modern bathroom amenities and have a great dining experience at the restaurant available within the condo's premises. The Baguio vacation house offers a cozy and comfortable environment, perfect for a memorable stay in this picturesque mountain city.

  1. Fully-Furnished Home Near Burnham Park

baguio transient house

This transient house in Baguio is perfect for families and groups of friends who are planning to stay in an affordable accommodation near a tourist destination. The fully-furnished property is only an 8-minute drive away from Burnham Park, making it the ideal temporary home for those who want to be near Baguio's tourist destinations and not worry about the noise and heavy foot traffic.

  1. Modern House with a Beautiful Yard

baguio transient house

Looking for a Baguio transient house for rent? Look no further! This spacious modern home in Baguio features an inviting living room and a huge outdoor space. It's an excellent option for group travelers, barkadas and families alike. Homey with a lot of wood elements throughout, the house exudes an authentic Baguio vibe. Enjoy some downtime at the yard surrounded by lush greenery. The best part? The rental rate comes at affordable prices. Experience the charm of Baguio by booking this transient house today.

  1. Camp John Hay Single Detached

baguio transient house

A vacation house right inside Camp John Hay—what's not to love! The unit is half of the duplex and can accommodate 10 persons total. Staying in this property will make you feel truly at home as it is fully furnished, complete with cookware, utensils, bath towels, toiletries, and drinking water.

  1. Clean Condo Unit Near a Top Retail Hub

baguio transient house

If you're in search of a Baguio vacation house that allows you to stay at the heart of the City of Pines, this condo unit near SM City Baguio is the ideal place for you. It has a bedroom, bathroom, and a spacious kitchen for a real homey feel. It is situated right beside the mall, providing you with easy access to your needs.

  1. Camp John Hay Single-Detached Home

baguio transient house

A hotel-like transient house in Baguio City with a beautiful view of pine trees from the balcony—that's what to expect in this vacation house for rent in Baguio City. Complete with furniture, cooking facilities, and utensils, this place can accommodate up to 14 people. The place has three bedrooms, an attic room, and a maid's quarter. It is brightly lit by natural light during the day, perfect for the cold Baguio weather.

  1. Three-Storey Cabin House

baguio transient house

If you are looking for an affordable yet elegant 3-storey Baguio vacation house that offers a sunrise and sunset walk at Loakan Airport Runway, this house in Loakan Proper is the perfect transient house for you. It is fully furnished with modern equipment, design, and ambiance, and can accommodate a large number of guests. The place is suitable for students, bachelors, couples, frequent travelers, and even small and big families.

  1. Rustic Vacation House

baguio transient house

This charming wood cabin, known as a Baguio transient house for rent, is elegantly decorated to provide renters the old Baguio feel. The intricate design and curated pieces of furniture show the amount of love and work put into this property. More importantly, the kids are not left behind as they can enjoy the large garden space with a bench swing, children's swing, and slide. This Baguio vacation house is near tourist destinations like The Mansion.

  1. Comfortable Home Near Baguio Craft Brewery

baguio transient house

This transient house in Baguio is another excellent option for groups of friends traveling. The subdivision is in Green Valley Village, a 10-minute drive from Baguio Craft Brewery. The actual property has two large bedrooms and two attic rooms. Two of the three bathrooms have hot and cold shower. The kitchen and living room, furnished with basic appliances and furniture, are spacious, accommodating social gatherings. Indulge a cozy and convenient stay in the heart of Baguio's scenic beauty.

  1. G7Wharton Studio Condo

baguio transient house

This bed and breakfast place in Baguio provides coziness in all corners. It is a quiet place in a serene location with warm, friendly, and accommodating staff. What makes the place better is the complete inclusions such as kitchenware, dining utensils, beds with linens, and modern interiors, making the tourists' stay more comfortable and convenient. Immerse yourself in the ultimate getaway at this Baguio transient house for rent, where comfort seamlessly blends with tranquility.

  1. One-Bedroom Camp John Hay House Unit

baguio transient house

This one-bedroom Camp John Hay private house unit offers daily and long-term rentals. With spacious living and dining areas, three bathrooms, and a garage, the property can easily accommodate up to six people. It is located in a secure village with a playground, open spaces, and of course, pine trees. Experience the perfect getaway at this Baguio vacation house.

  1. Camp John Hay Baguio Forest Cabin

baguio transient house

This beautiful forest cabin in Camp John Hay four bedrooms on 300 square meters of land area. It comes fully furnished and can be rented on a monthly or daily basis. You can enjoy facilities within Camp John Hay such as a jogging path, basketball court, playground, and gazebos.

  1. Aurora Hill Transient Place

baguio transient house

If you're looking for a transient house in Baguio that is located in the middle of where the action is, then this property in Aurora Hill is a great fit. It is located in the city proper, just minutes away from Session Road, SM City Baguio, and Baguio Cathedral. It has a TV, a fully-equipped kitchen and a hot shower. Enjoy a tranquil retreat amidst nature's beauty at this beautiful place.

  1. Peaceful Home with Refreshing Views

baguio transient house

The best thing about this transient home in Baguio is the breathtaking scenery it offers to temporary dwellers. Everyday, you'll wake up to the provincial city's lush greenery and fresh air. All throughout the day, you can enjoy the peace and quiet, as well as the cool ambiance.

  1. Zeeco Hostel Baguio

baguio transient house

The rooms at Zeeco Hostel Baguio have their own toilet, sink, and hot and cold shower. Each room has a balcony where guests can chill and have coffee while enjoying the view. Additionally, the hostel provides convenient parking slots for groups of six guests and up, ensuring a hassle-free stay at this ideal Baguio vacation house.

  1. Five-Bedroom Bungalow

baguio transient house

This transient bungalow house in Baguio has a big space that keeps its homey and laidback style. With five bedrooms and a loft space, it can accommodate up to 10 people. The highlight of the house is its dining room for large groups. There is also a long window seat where you can hang out for after-dinner drinks. If you're looking for a Baguio transient house for rent that offers ample space and a cozy atmosphere, this bungalow is the perfect choice.

  1. Family-Friendly Home Near the City Proper

baguio transient house

This beautiful home with three bedrooms and two baths is located in Bakakeng Central, about 10 minutes away from the city proper. Equipped with internet services, it allows renters to connect digitally while on vacation. One of the best amenities of the house is the rooftop, where you and your loved ones and friends can chill and have chit chats. Book your stay now at this transient house in Baguio!

  1. Two-Bedroom Unit in Bristle Ridge

baguio transient house

Affordability while providing your basic necessities—this is the service offered by units in Bristle Ridge. They have different room sizes, all equipped with a TV, bathroom, refrigerator, mini kitchen, and stove. Stay in a Baguio vacation house and enjoy all the city has to offer.

  1. Affordable Room for Rent

baguio transient house

This traditional lodging house is charming in its own right. It is cozy and homey, suitable for families looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation. It has a beautiful porch that looks out to Baguio's skyline. It has a beautiful garden with a seating area as well. This Baguio transient house for rent is the perfect place to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

  1. Well-Designed Unit at The Courtyard Manors

baguio transient house

Are you looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Head on to Courtyard Manors located in Leona Hill Road 1. The beautifully-designed accommodation promises peace and relaxation at its finest. You won't be totally disconnected from the outside world as the unit is equipped with cable TV and complimentary WiFi. Enjoy a Baguio vacation house with a view of the city.

  1. Condo-Type Transient Apartment

baguio transient house

This budget-friendly transient home comes fully-furnished, equipped with spacious living and dining areas and a dedicated parking area. These amenities are suitable for large groups who want to host a mini party during their vacation in Baguio City. The property is situated near major tourist attractions. Occupy a transient house in Baguio today!

  1. Homey Unit in Charlie's Transient

baguio transient house

This dormitel in Baguio provides various room options. They have accommodations for couples, families, and large groups, varying from budget to standard to superior. The place has a wide lobby area and tables and chairs. The warmth of the staff and their good service is another addition to the homey feel it provides.

  1. Two-Bedroom Family Suite

baguio transient house

The rooms in this Baguio transient home are spacious and are all fully furnished. Guests can enjoy the 32" TV, kitchenware, dining set, hot and cold shower, and a scenic view of Baguio's city. There is also an outdoor space perfect for dining or hanging out.

  1. Gracious Chi Home for Backpackers

baguio transient house

Only a 6-minute walk from Burnham Park and Session Road, this transient house in Gracious Chi Home provides the perfect facilities for backpackers and solo travelers looking for affordable accommodations. Each room has two bunk beds and a bathroom with a hot shower, toilet, and lavatory. Guests can also use the kitchen, work or study area, and guest lounge.



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Renting a room in Baguio commonly costs around Php250 to Php1,500 a night, while the average price for renting an entire home for a night is around Php1,660. High-end lodging on the other hand, may go for as much Php7,000 a night or more.

The Summer Capital is a known tourist destination with historical landmarks, museums, parks, and even shopping districts. Tourists spots in Baguio are not only located close to each other, but also to many of the transient houses and apartments in the city.

Baguio City is famously known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines due its cool climate, and it has been recorded that the average temperature in the city is at least 8 degrees cooler than that in the lowlands.

In 2010, 318,676 people were reportedly living in Baguio, and during the peak seasons the number has been said to triples due to the influx of transients. These generally include the summer break and the Lenten Season, among others.



Living the Transient Life in Baguio City

transient house in baguio

The Summer Capital

Baguio City has always been known for its cool climate, and in the past most tourists mostly only recognized the city as such. Nowadays however, the city is also a hotspot for tourists looking for art, cuisine, and self. Not-so-recently, Baguio started attracting more tourists thanks to the film, That Thing Called Tadhana, which was filmed in select places in city and Sagada. The places the heartbroken duo in the film went to garnered so much attention that a local travel agency even came up with a Tadhana tour with an itinerary following the Baguio and Sagada journey in the film.

Hugot and strawberries aside, Baguio so much more offer, from art museums and posh cafes to high-end lodges and cheap ukay-ukay stores. Located about 4-6 hours away from Metro Manila, Baguio is a tourist destination worth going to not only for the climate, but also for the experience.

The City of Pines, Among Other Names

The name Baguio is said to have been taken from the American pronunciation of Bag-iw, a mossy flowering plant. During the Spanish era, La Trinidad, Benguet, was once filled with settlements that the conquistadors built after displacing the natives living in the area. During this time, the Spanish introduced coffee, which is still being grown and sold as Benguet coffee.

When the Spanish transferred ownership of the Philippine Islands to the Americans pursuant to the Treaty of Paris, the Americans then occupied what would become Baguio City, and began developing it to what it is today. The urban design of Baguio City was created by Daniel Burnham, an American architect and urban planner, whose portfolio includes Roxas Boulevard in Manila and the One Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

During the Second World War, the Japanese forces occupied Baguio, but was later reclaimed by American forces in 1945 when the war finally ended and the former surrendered.  Upon the declaration of Philippine independence in 1946, Baguio once again opened its doors as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The National Government literally conducted business in Baguio during the summer season, a tradition that has sine been reduced to only being done by members of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

Renting Transient Houses in Baguio City

baguio transient house for rentRenting in Baguio City can be either really cheap or really expensive, as there are a variety of transient homes readily available and will simply depend on your preference. For instance, renting an entire house or cabin in Camp John Hay can go from Php 10,000 to Php 25,000 a night. Of course, this goes without saying that staying at a luxury cabin or a vacation home here carries with it the prestige attributable to Camp John Hay.

However, for those whose purpose is to immerse themselves in the experience of Baguio City and placing little regard for the luxury of their lodging, various transient homes are available at significantly cheaper prices. Houses and apartments with per-night prices ranging from Php 1,500 to Php 4,500 are available, and are located in the heart of Baguio City, some of which are within a stone's throw from Burnham Park and the Katedral ng Baguio.

As most of the tourist attractions within the city are located close to each other, finding a place in Baguio that would be convenient for getting around the city is not too difficult. Jeepneys and other modes of transportation to and from most rented apartments or houses, and the urban area is easy to navigate since the locals speak Tagalog and English.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any available transient rooms in Baguio?

There are 30 of transient rooms in Baguio city. Baguio is widely known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, it’s the same characteristics which make Baguio a great place to visit also an ideal place to live in.

Is there an available transient near Burnham Park?

If you’re the type of person who wants to live in the area surrounded by mountains and savor the fresh chilly air, then it’s time to move to Baguio City. You can check out different properties that can be rented near Burnham Park in Baguio.

Are there any short-term room rentals in Baguio?

There are available short term room rentals around Baguio which is known for as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, this colorful city has amazing scenery and breathtaking landscapes including the Mines View, Burnham Park, Session Road and the pink Baguio Cathedral.