Affordable Staycation in Baguio


Staycationing in Baguio, the City of Pines

Baguio City's cool climate and natural surroundings have encouraged many tourists to have staycations in prime lodgings in the city.

Notable for its cool climate, the City of Pines is covered by greenery that adds to the mountain scenery and the cold, fresh breeze. The refreshing climate and blanket of pine trees draw thousands of tourists to the city, especially during summer. This has made Baguio the "Summer Capital of the Philippines."

The city is a favorite destination of tourists who wish to have a vacation in a secluded place with a majestic mountain view. As Baguio has 853 meters elevation, it provides a scenic view of the Cordillera mountains. It is also close to different natural attractions in the Cordillera Administrative Region, making it a perfect location for tourists who want to explore the region while experiencing the conveniences of a highly urbanized city.

The number of local and foreign tourists flocking to the famed City of Pines has spurred the growth of lodgings close to popular tourist spots in Baguio. Since then, the summer capital has been a popular spot for staycations, perfect for those who wish to enjoy the mountainside.






A Well-Known Baguio Staycation Spot

Situated in Baguio are various leisure areas that provide tourists with varying experiences. If you wish to have easy access to the locale’s hotspots, a staycation near these destinations might be a practical option for you. Not only will you get to enjoy a grand view of Baguio’s landmarks, but you will also enjoy the privilege of being within walking distance to some of Baguio’s renowned attractions.

Among the popular tourist destinations in Baguio is The Mansion. The Mansion House in Leonard Wood Road served as a summer residence for US governors-general during the American Colonial Period. The iconic mansion is sometimes dubbed as the "Malacanang Palace" of the Cordillera region as it served as the Philippine President's summer residence.

The Mansion was built in 1908 and consists of an elegant Spanish Colonial Revival design. It was turned over to the Philippine president when the Philippine Commonwealth was inaugurated.

While the Mansion isn't open to all as a lodging, tourists can still visit the house, explore its landscaped gardens, and take pictures of the wooden building. The Mansion has an in-house museum that displays all sorts of presidential memorabilia.

The Mansion's entrance gate, which has a design that mimics classical European palace gates, is the most photographed part of the entire mansion.

Renting a transient room near The Mansion is practical as it is in close proximity to other Baguio tourist spots. Visitors can walk around and enjoy the scenery of Wright Park, a quiet promenade outlined by pine trees and a calm reflecting pool located right across the Mansion. Wright Park has a long stairway leading to a stable area where children can ride ponies while exploring the park. 

The tourist attraction has nearby hills dotted by small inns and vacation homes. Tourists who want to have a staycation close to the massive summer house and to other hotspots in Baguio City may go for these cozy cottages and inns.

Staycation Options in Baguio

Baguio City features various lodgings perfect for holiday stays. From cozy cabins to lofty condotels to stunning mansions, there is a wide array of staycation options suited for all kinds of budgets.

The increase in demand for real estate in Baguio has opened opportunities for owners to lease their condominiums, apartments, and houses for tourists to enjoy living in Baguio City. As the number of visitors continually increases, many property investors have also become more interested in building transient homes for all types of guests. 

Various property seekers have resorted to investing in a real estate property in Baguio, turning their properties into rentals. This trend has not only benefitted landlords but also the tourists and renters who wish to have more options that match their preferences. 

Many of the condominiums and apartments for rent are located close to universities, malls, and shopping districts. 

Condos for rent in Baguio are suitable for those who want to enjoy Baguio’s scenic view without having to go to a viewing deck. If your plan is to have a staycation while enjoying the summer capital’s scenic view and cold breeze, condos, and apartments for rent in Baguio are your most practical options. If you are looking for a condominium that mirrors a mountain cottage or lodge, Outlook Drive is outlined with many lofty condominiums where you can enjoy the pine-scented cold breeze and rich green covering of trees.

If you want something more spacious and closer to the ground, there are various cottages, guesthouses, and staycation houses available. Places such as Teacher's Camp and Camp John Hay provide lodgings that feature the usual log houses and mountain lodges that complement the hilly terrains and cold weather.

Teacher's Camp is close to Baguio's busiest streets and other tourist spots such as Burnham Park and the Laperal Mansion. Camp John Hay offers duplex houses, villas, and staycation houses that are accompanied by amenities and fancy dining places.

Similarly, Camp John Hay presents luxurious accommodations for those seeking a fancier staycation experience. Posh hotels like The Manor offer top-quality suites and amenities in its cottage-inspired mid-rise buildings. Tenants can enjoy the crisp mountain air, the sight of the thick carpet of trees, and the accommodation’s amenities, such as the spa, fitness gym, laundry area, WiFi-equipped rooms, and dining areas.

Baguio Staycation Prices

While staycationing is often equated with hotels and condominiums, tourists can enjoy staying in Baguio without having to stretch their budget beyond their limits.

Some condominiums and apartments can be rented for Php 8,000 up to Php 15,000, which can be relatively cost-efficient. These accommodations come with amenities that cater to wellness, relaxation, and fun.

Staycation houses are very popular lodgings for their affordability and usually wide spaces. These budget-friendly properties can cost about Php 1,500 up to Php 4,500 a night, ideal for those who want to save more while enjoying Baguio City. Most of these rates already come with housekeeping services and free breakfast. Luxurious and more remote staycation houses, such as those in Camp John Hay, can cost about Php 10,000 up to Php 45,000. 

Many of these staycation accommodations are close to many popular go-to places, namely Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Session Road, the Philippine Military Academy, and Tam-Awan Village.



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