Single-family House For Sale in Bgy. 56 - Taysan, Albay with Air conditioning

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Ready-to-move-in house for only 4.2 million pesos (negotiable)! We are offering our house for sale to locals, expats, OFWs & balikbayans (see my contact details below). Features: 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom single-detached house.  2-storey with roof deck. Gated carpark at the basement. 2 exit gates. Very deep septic tanks (dry tank & wet tank). Tiled garden. Build to withstand typhoons & earthquakes. Rain water drainage at the roof, garden & garage. Built around June 2016. Newly renovated, repainted as of March 2021. Includes:  Furniture & appliances. 2 aircons (separate circuit breaker for each aircon).  2 hot showers. 5 ceiling fans. Bestank water tank. Dual electricity system: power grid + solar power (200 watts). Water pump. CCTV (4 cameras). Tools (plumbing, electric, carpentry, gardening, etc). Laundry area (can be converted into a third bathroom). Pros: Does not flood in the area (located on Taysan Road). Very safe (nice people in this neighborhood & the police station is here, too). Fresh air from the mountains. Many sari-sari stores. Relatively quiet (except when dogs bark & vehicles pass by). Right on the main artery of Dreamland subdivision. Easy access to streets heading to Legazpi Boulevard, Old Albay, Daraga, Sorsogon. Majestic view of mountains and hills. Cons: Public transport is scarce (tricycles, mostly). The house is quite big so cleaning and maintaining it takes effort. Still waiting for connection to Legazpi Water District (so we have water delivered to our tank every 2 weeks or so, and it's very cheap and clean). N.B. Still waiting for land title to be transferred to our name since some landowners here have not completed their payment, but we are fully paid and have legal rights to our property (I'll show you the notarized documents and certified true copy of title). The title of all lots in Dreamland are named after "Dreamland Homeowners Association" which means we, all landowners here, technically co-own all land here. We will, however, have our individual lots titled in our names after everyone is fully paid. This is a government housing project involving the state-owned bank and the social housing agency that's why land is relatively cheaper. This is completely legal and safe. Feel free to ask any property lawyer or the national housing authority if you have questions about. Why it's a great deal: A well-maintained, renovated house for just 4.2 million Pesos complete with furniture and appliances.  You can live here comfortably or rent it out and make money. Property owners here are legally allowed to rent out their homes or turn them into business establishments. Most houses for sale in Legazpi City are either rundown, too expensive, prone to flooding or in a sketchy neighborhood. You can easily add more solar panels, if you like. You can have a deep well dug up, if you like. Why we're selling: We want to move out of Legazpi City for personal reasons and not have to worry about leaving our house.  Payments terms: We want full cash payment either from you (buyer) or your creditor. If you can get a loan from a bank or finance company (or Pag-Ibig) that's fine, but they must pay us in full. We are very willing to negotiate on the price if you are a serious buyer who truly wants to live in this house and take care of it. Get in touch with me: Contact me either by email. Please send me a proper message to let me know you're not a spammer. I'll reply within a day or two. *No more agents and property flippers, please. Serious buyers only. Finally, the land value here ups every year. The sooner you buy, the cheaper we can sell it to you. Thank you. Sean
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This 3 story 11 year old house is sitting on 2 lots (Lots 21 and 22 PCS 05 002012) with more or less 200 square meters on the outskirts of Naga City, Camarine-Sur, Island of Luzon. With our extensive remodeling it went from 5 bedrooms (Note: one bedroom was the maids room) and 5 bathrooms down to 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms which opened up the living area quite a lot. The 220 square meters livable floor space does not include the 1st. Floor terrace, 2nd. Floor patio and 3rd. Floor roof deck. It has a carport and small garden with a banana tree, vegetables and flowers. The ground floor has an oversized living room, kitchen, storage room, bathroom, patio on one side and laundry area on the other side. The second floor has a master bedroom with a bathroom and a guest room with a bathroom. There is also a recreation room/area which leads outside to a large patio, which curves around the side and has a second entrance to the guest room. On the third floor there is a huge patio/deck with a beautiful view to mount Isarock (2000 meters high). On this floor we operate a very nice guest studio, which includes bedroom, bathroom and shower room. This house is in a subdivision with approximately 35-40 other homes and has a 24hr. security guard. Just minutes away there is a Olympic size swimming pool, a great school, Hot springs, Waterfalls, a nine hole golf course and CWC (Cam-Sur Watersports Complex) There are some fantastic beaches to visit like Caramoan, Siruma, Sorsogon, Daet and many more. December and January are the rainy season, but the rest of the year the average temperature is always between 28 and 31 Celsius. If you're planning to raise your family in a secure environment then this is the place. Moving overseas is the only reason we are selling this house. Please contact me (Peter Wolfgang) and we will forward videos from each floor. If you consider making an offer, please let us know upfront if it is cash or Bank financing. Thank you.