Lamudi Academy Sales Series

Every real estate professional knows that the essence of what we do revolves around closing deals. But, the wise and successful real estate professional also knows that Sales is not just the numbers - at its core, it's about nurturing connections through great interactions.

In The Lamudi Academy Sales Series, learn about the best techniques for each of the five sales stages from Prospecting to Aftersales, while maintaining a human-centric approach. Remember, in real estate, to close a sale, don't be all about the sale.


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Lamudi Academy Sales Series

Module 1 - Finding Success in Prospecting

It's not easy to create a pipeline for real estate prospects because it's not only a numbers game - it's also a mental game. In this module, learn how to cultivate the right mindset and create opportunities by finding the right prospects for your business.

Module 2 - Discovering Needs: Qualifying

Now that you have a list of prospects, the next step is to identify whether they're a good fit for your listing and understand their needs. In this module, learn how to qualify your leads by asking the right questions and knowing what the next steps are after qualifying.

Module 3 - From Presentations to Sales

With your qualified prospects in place, the next step to the sales journey is creating desire and delivering solutions through presentations. In this module, learn how to deliver a successful presentation by knowing the different parts of it and using them to give a tailor-fit solution for your client.

Module 4 - Closing the Sale

Sales objections are something that all sales professionals must deal with. One way to successfully close a sale is by learning how to handle objections while keeping your property *seekers interested. In this module, learn how to develop strategies to turn these objections into sales.

Module 5 - What Comes Next: Aftersales

The sales journey doesn't end after you've closed the sale. Being able to maintain a good relationship with your clients and going the extra mile for them will help you become a successful real estate professional. In this module, learn how you can provide after-sales service to your clients and what its value is for you.