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A.  CONDO WITH LOFT UNIT  ( beautiful aerial view overlooking the business district and seaport )  1. Total Area of 68.00 sq.m (approximate)        * Up  -    30.0 sq.m        * Down – 38.0 sq.m  2. Two Toilet & Bath Rooms (one each on Ground and Loft)  3. Dining Area / Living Room Downstairs  4. Kitchen Downstairs  5. Walk-in Closet Area Upstairs  6. Open Bedroom Upstairs / with full-sized curtains B.  FULLY FURNISHED    * One queen-sized bed with firm foam mattresses                * Table Top Water Dispenser                                                      * Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner [Inverter]                               * Electric Kettle                                           * Bedroom working table                                                        * 4-Burner Electric Cooktop                     * 32- inch Flat Screen TV at Living Room                              * Rice Cooker    * 40-inch Flat Screen Wall -Mounted TV at Loft                     * 4-Seater Dining Table and Chairs  * Automatic Bathroom Water Heaters                                    * Basic Dining Sets and Kitchen Wares  * Refrigerator                                                                          * Breakfast Nook with Bar Stools  * Microwave Oven  Pm Me if interested Price is still negotiable