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CoWorking is becoming more professional, OpenMind is the perfect way of experiencing a cultural get-together paired with a well-designed space for your business. OpenMind gives freelancer-spirited people the freedom to work in a collaborative co-working environment. This type of office is an ideal situation for startups, freelancers, and businesses of small sizes under one roof in a shared environment, which promotes creativity, the creation of a community, and the sharing of ideas.OpenMind offers flexible membership plans with options to be set up in shared creative workspaces.ABOUT THE SPACELotus Villa is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen. Covering an area of 450 square meters, it is a modern-designed villa with a spacious front yard, a building of 2 floors and a multi-functional rooftop. Entering the gate, you will immediately be attracted by the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of the yard. Under the Longan tree that is decorated with LED stripes, there are tables, chairs, a swing and a hammock where you can completely chill out and enjoy the beautiful light and summer breeze.There is a hall on the first floor, furnished with beanbags and floor rugs where can be used as a brainstorming area. There is also a relatively small office on the first floor, suitable for 2-4 people working together. The kitchen is set on the first floor as well, equipped with cooker, fridge, hot water, etc.Ascending the modern red stairs, four rooms of different functions will be seen immediately. There is an office room able for 3-4 people working together, and a balcony with a great view of the front yard and the Lotus village.  Opposite the office is an meeting room with a square table that allows 4-6 people to work together. The meeting room is equipped with a separate bathroom where hot water shower is provided. Another room is used as a multi-functional room, equipped with fashionable sofas, coffee table, Apple TV, projector, and even Karaoke! A very thoughtful side of the villa is that there is a room with 2 single beds and a TV for people to relax themselves. There is also a tiny balcony on the back of the guest room where a small table and chair is set, making it a perfect place to relax your eyes or just have a cigarette.Upon the rooftop, there are tea tables and chairs, a swing chair for people to enjoy the sunshine and moonlight. It is an ideal place to hold parties as there is a barbecue grill where people can cook and enjoy the meal with beer, and so on.