Riezl Jane Betito Hernaez

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Riezl Jane Betito Hernaez
Certified Partner
565 North Poblacion, 6037 City of Naga, Cebu
Hi! My name is Jane and I am your Trusted Real Estate Agent. My aim is to help fellow Filipinos realize one of their dreams and need to build a house, a place to call their HOME. It is also my goal to link real estate investors to the right property in Cebu. Did you know that Real Estate is the safest avenue to invest in? It gives you the commitment to grow, now withdraw. Cebu is a promising city with its rapid development, growing population, and interesting places to visit. It makes the city ideal place for business and adventure. This would also channel to a lot of people looking for places to stay, either for short vacation or to settle down. So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking into opening a small vacation rental business through AirBnB or just wanted to earn passive income while, working here and abroad, MESSAGE ME! We can talk on the sellable properties we have, and how we can market it for you.
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